Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sugar-free Challenge - Day 20

I really, really want a yummy, sugary treat tonight. I miss sugar. But, I am still at it. I have so much more energy and, not to get to descriptive here, but my digestive system is much happier. I really haven't lost any weight which is disappointing but hopefully that will come. I have started to phase in sugar once or twice a week. I want to live like this forever more and I worry that once September comes I will quickly go back to my old habits. If I can have dessert twice a week, the hard days will be easier because I know something yummy is coming. I have already planned a yummy lemon cake for Sunday dinner. Can't wait.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

If you want email updates

Hi, Vivian asked how to get email updates when someone posts on the blog. Go into settings and then click the email tab. Enter your email address in. I already added yours Vivian.

Sugar-free challenge - day 13

I am still at it. We took a long weekend in Massachusetts and I ate cake at my nephew's graduation party and an ice cream sundae the following day but now I am back and doing well. Melissa asked what sugar counts. I try to stay away from anything that has sugar or a form of sugar in the first two ingredients. It is tough. One of my favorite cereals is frosted mini-wheats and although it is low in sugar, sugar is the 2nd ingredient. The worst I think is over and I getting use to not snacking on sugary things during the day. Totally worth it. Since I cheated a bit in Massachusetts I am extending the challenge until Labor-Day weekend.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sugar-free challenge - day 4

I am still at it. It has been tougher that last two days but I still feel strong and in control. The withdrawal from the boost that chocolate gives me has made me really grumpy but I know that will go away. I keep reminding myself that it will be worth it and in just a couple of weeks the cravings will lessen and I get have more energy. I can't wait!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sugar-free challenge - Day 2

Today was tougher. I also fasted, so by dinner time I was starving and when I am starving I want cookies or something chocolate. Instead I made a yummy dinner and stuck to the challenge. I am still trying to find snacks that are healthy and sugar free. (I am also staying away from artificial sweeteners for at least the first 2 weeks.) Hopefully I won't cancel out any of the benefits by filling up on potato chips.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sugar-free challenge - Day 1

I have made it so far. I have a headache tonight but that is porbably my body saying "show me the sugar!" My mantra for the month: "I am strong, I am powerful, I can resist the sugar temptation." I said it about 15 times today. It is going to be so great when these cravings go away.