Monday, April 20, 2009

I like to Move it, Move it!

Anyone who is interested in walking 4pm+, let me know. I sometimes walk for half an hour during lunch. If you want to meet up, just give me a shout.
Bicyling is also a possibility. Right now I am back to the beginner level so no marathons for me. I will gladly cheer you on from the e-sidelines if you are doing a marathon!
I still want to get a group together for the 7 person bike at Onondaga Park. It's a blast! Great way to socialize and burn some calories.
thanks, Tammy for putting this together! I like the symbol of Lights a lot! Although I am grateful we are not in the Bud Ward... :)


  1. Count me in on the 7 person bike! Sounds fun. I love biking, though mine is broken. The chain rusted out and can't be replaced. Anybody have a bike they want to sell?

  2. When are you available? Timing will depend on the schedule of the bike rental shop at the Park. It costs a little...I think less than $7/hour per person to rent the group bike. You sit in a circle and everyone can pedal (or not) and one person steers. Check out and

  3. I'd love to do some walking at the church, Vivian. Just let me know what days work for you. I'll think about the bike...dunno about that yet.

  4. I'm available most days. I'll make time for it. And I'll check out the site. Thanks.

    Estelle, you and Valerie should come and bring all your v.t. people! :)

  5. Ha ha, good suggestion, Deb. Somehow I'd rather eat lunch out somewhere with our VT gang than exercise. But I'll think about it, I promise!